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Simple, straight & rewarding.

  • Highly Lucrative Commission Plan Our members deserve the Best.
    Our Commission Plan is exactly the Best they can get!
  • Additional Meritocratic Benefits We have created a fantastic merit system where the most active members are the more rewarded.
  • Simple Credits Based Advertising System WePayCommissions makes sure your product is well placed and helps you converts visitors to customers.
  • Free Credits to Start Advertising Today! By registering and activating your Free Membership with us you get 3000 Free credits that you can use to Advertise your product/referral URL as you prefer

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Experienced and trusted with strong background in advertising

Yes, we have paid so much in commissions from 2007 up to Today.

We have gone through every payment processor failure such as Stormpay, e-gold or, more recently Payza.
No matter what has happened around us we have always tried to be honest and pay everyone.

We have realized that many people have been hit hard (we have been!) by the Payza debacle, and we have decided to put up a site to give back hope to people once again.

Better now than before

With the advent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, it is much easier to work without the fear of being scammed from this or that Payment Processor.
Cryptocurrency are mostly decentralized. This means that NOBODY is in charge and nobody can decide to close or scam..A much better future!

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100% Commissions

are distributed to our members.
Our affiliates around the world earn commissions every day. This is Fun, fast, and a modern program.

A Rock Solid Company

A proven company that gets results everyday.
We are creating and marketing our Websites online since 2007

Promotion made Super-easy

Post your ads to marketers and opportunity seekers. Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

6 Different Advertising Types

to substantially increment visits and Boost your visibility . Text Ads Banner ads Square Banners Solo Ads Network Solo Ads (HOT!) and Featured Ads

Featured with Great Rewards

We reward our members through Direct commissions, Matrix and a Meritocratic System. Earn up to 40% on Direct referrral and up to $597,871.5 with our Matrix.

How does it Works?
WePayCommission is a Credit Based Advertising site and as such, the system is quite straight.

Register through the form above and you will be given 3000 advertising Credits that You can use to Advertise your Program, Product or Referral URL as you prefer. The System is made easy to use for Advertising with Banner Ads, Text Ads or Solo Ads.

You will find more specific information inside the members area.
What do you get?

  • Free Advertising System Get Free credits to start up your Advertising Campaigns
  • High Direct Commissions Our Gold Members earn 45% Direct Commissions for every new Gold member referred and for every Additional purchase that they make!
  • Great Commission Plan We do offer a fantastic 100% Commission Plan that is above the average.
  • Merit Reward System Our Merit Reward System will reward the most Active, referring, promoting and selling members.

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Get the answers

What is WePayCommissions?

WePayCommissions is an Advertising program based around a variety of different types
of Traffic generating Ads that are displayed throughout the website and can be seen by visitors, as well as members.


Will I receive a lot of Emails if I Join?

No, we have an "onsite" solo system and You can opt out from receiving Solo Ads at any time.
By doing so all the solo ads will be available to be read ONLY on our site.

If you opt out from receiving Solo Ads, you will only receive occasional admin updates.


Is WePayCommissions Free to join?

In one word Yes! Register for free and You will even get a FREE 3000 Credits Package*
that you will be able to use to advertise as you prefer from within the member area.

You can keep your free membership indefinitely and earn Credits and Forced Matrix Accelerator Positions
by actively participating and/or promoting your WePayCommissions referral links.

There is absolutely no obligation of any kind.

*You will need to verify and activate your membership to get the package.


Can I have more than one account?

Absolutely NOT. There is no need to maintain more than one account.
If you are caught with more then one account open, your account(s) will be terminated,
your ip address will be banned and you will not receive any earnings.


When will I get Paid?

Depending on your set cashout level, You will be paid to your BTC/ETH or STP
account once that any of your WePayCommissions positions will be over your cashout level.

We pay out with the "as soon as possible" formula, we have no reason to keep the money
on our accounts but we pay only 1 payout per person at a time!


My Question is not listed

If your question is not listed, you can contact our support team. The link to our support desk is at the bottom of this page.


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